Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grand Girls are so....GRAND!

I got off early today and decided to pick up the girls and spend some time with them. Christina is packing out today and I just wanted to be with the grand girls and give her a little break. We did stickers, and cereal necklaces (I think we ate more than we stringed), then we made chocolate chip cookies. Then they washed my dishes (they love to wash dishes trust me that will change) What a wonderful day, every time I think about them leaving I get teary eyed, it is just not fair, once again my girls are deserting me and I will be surrounded with men...UGH!

It was such a wonderful time, and on the way home we just talked, because Faith just loves to talk, but I let her and I answered all of them. It was funny but even Kady had to get in a few words. I told them how I had told everyone at my work I just didn't want to work today because I just had to spend time with my grand girls and they were more important than working so I was leaving for the rest of the day. Faith asked me, "Did you quit grandma?" I told her no, I just took the rest of the day off. Then I told her how much I love her and her sisters and how special they were. I told them they were such good cookers, and dishwashers and so talented at art work, and how lucky I was to have such special grand daughters, I mean I was really pouring it on (because I love them and want them to feel special), and I told her I always brag to everyone about how special they all were to me. Then Faith melted my heart and said, "Grandma what you just said made me feel so good inside, and I do feel special now".

Imagine that, my heart was full and for the first time I realized my job here on earth is done, and if God took me home my life would be complete...I made my grandchildren feel special. It don't get better than that.

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