Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers to All the Fathers

My father is no longer here, and yes Father's Day is diffucult for me. I can no longer talk to him and tell him about stupid things that I know only he would care to listen about. I wish he were here, and it still hurts not to be able to go out and shop for him. I would take special care in picking out something I knew he would like, even though he had everything in the world. He did not need big fancy gifts, and he always pretended he loved what I picked.

The things I did with my dad:

My father taught me how to laugh at life...even when I felt like crying.
He always had a wonderful sense of humor.
He taught me how to play baseball, water ski, fish, clam dig, grunion hunt, catch fly flies, fart, blench (really loud) which mom thought was disgusting.
He taught me how to swim (cuz mom couldn't), body surf, dive, dance on his feet, drive stick shift (okay maybe that one didn't go really well and mom had to take over), how to change a tire, how to check my oil, how to play tennis (I loved that one).
He taught me how to love volleyball, badminton, bowling (oh how he loved to bowl).
I flew my first kite with him, climbed my first a tree, hop my first fence. He gave me my first skateboard, my first bike, my first car.
He was good at helping me torment my brothers, love my mom, and give people a pink bellies (to my brothers)
He taught how to fight like a boy, play football, and plant a garden.
Best of all:
He made me feel safe in the world. Made the monsters get out from under my bed. He taught me how to stand up for what I believe is right. In his eyes I could do no wrong, and I knew he was my biggest fan. He did not get to see me graduate from college (I wish he could of seen my diploma), but he supported me no matter what. He loved me enough to discipline me (even when that was such an ordeal). He even let me hate him in my teen years. He was my dad and nobody can ever take his place. Happy Fathers Day...till we meet in heaven I love you.

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