Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Marking my Territory

When Rob and I worked in the same place, he would never kiss me goodbye, I was just down the hall. Now, I think I like working in another building because I get goodbye kisses, and I have to say it really rocks. I don't understand the difference but I am a firm believer in not to questioning "why" just be glad that it is kisses galore. Kisses in the morning and kisses at lunch. Anyways, one day we walking after lunch and I kissed him goodbye and told him to have a nice afternoon, and he smiled at me and said you did it again. I just said, "what" with that innocent look on my face. He said you like marking your territory don't you? I thought about it for a second and then I watched him wipe the lip gloss that I had just planted on his lips off with the back on his hand. He said, "you do that on purpose, don't think I don't know it". I grinned of course...he is right, but at least it was a lovely shade of pink, as my grand daughter Faith says, "pink matches with everything", even my husband. So my secret is out...I have been marking my territory...and loving every minute of it.

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