Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Poor Nanny was in the hospital yesterday. She is home though, and I know it is only because I prayed for her...okay maybe because everyone prayed for. Maybe I just have low self esteem...okay I have a big ego or like Rob likes to say a (big head). As a matter a fact I believe my mom used to say she was surprised that my head fit through the door at all. Now see with all that wonderful praise it is no wonder I am such a confident and wonderful prayer. Oh yeah, but this little blog is not about me, it is about my Nanny, and oh how I love my just stop it, I all love her too, but I love her so much more and I am so happy you are feeling better. It is okay Margaret ;) I won't tell everyone who your favorite in-law is, I won't tell them who your most favorite person in the whole wide world is (wink, wink, nod, nod) but I bet her name starts with the letter Dee, oh my could it be me? I'll never tell that would just crush all people with already low self esteem, and I will work hard on my low self-esteem....don't say it mom....or Rob. I love you Nanny and guess what so does my Jesus.

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