Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Great Family Historian

My mother is such a great historian. I love to talk to her about her family. We are lucky because we have had ancestors who kept books and kept their ancestry for us this generation to see. Not only that, but I love my mothers stories. I wish she would write a book, it would be so awsome. She would have made a great Historian...what do I mean...she is a great Historian. I love that fact that she keeps all those memories of her family going, not only that but recently she was able to go on the computer and go all the way back on her dad's side. How amazing is that, here is a woman who doesn't know that much about computers but has pushed herself to learn on her own how to get information. She never knew anything about her dad's side but now she does, and now I do to.

She is such an intelligent woman. I am so lucky to have a mom that has given me the gift of family, facts and all the history behind ours. My mom is the Greatest Historian I know...till James graduates (maybe he got that from her).

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