Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Yesterday was my birthday...49 years old. A big thank you to my Mom and Margaret and Bill for the birthday dollars, I already spent it on my nice running shoes (wide), sometimes I have to pay extra because of my big fat foot, and of course I got pink (my favorite color). Christina got me flowers (they were beautiful). I got a phone call from everyone...except Chris, but he usually forgets. My brother even called, that made my day. Rob and the boys took me out to eat, that was really nice.

It seems on my birthday I revert back to a child, my mom always made birthday's a big deal, and I got to be queen for the day, we didn't have big elaborate parties, just the family, but mom would go to this great bakery shop and would order me my favorite cake. Chocolate!!! It was chocolate cake, with chocolate icing and chocolate bars all around it, I don't think anybody liked it it but me, but maybe that was my plan to get the whole cake all to myself. I always felt very special. For some reason when you get older it is just not the year I think I am going home so my mommy can spoil me.

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