Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks

Oh by the way I am official all better!! At my older job (now that is funny) get it...not my old job (because I just changed jobs), but at my old...old job...I crack myself up. Anyways I was the Share Point Administrator at my old, old job and I learned on my own how to do all the web pages for all the branches (I was so proud of myself). At this new job I have already been given...UGH...duties, you know the ones I am talking about, the ones you hate, and the ones they can't get anybody to do right so when the next new person comes along they decided...let's see if Mickie can do it? Okay, maybe not exactly like that, but pretty much. So they gave me the most boring job in the whole wide world to do and it is not a good thing for the ADHD kid to have, but I am muddling through...but you know me.

I did the UGH job (a work in progress) and all the while revamped there web page (still a work in progress) and I have earned huge brownie points. I even got told today, "How did we survive without?" Do they know that it was not my idea to "Merge" and if I had my way I would be back where I used to be? Guess not, oh well, love working on web pages and I created their Thanksgiving Sign-up page with pictures and everything.

Of course now they want me to do all their division pages (which is okay). No, I still have to do the UGH job, but at least I have some relief here and there.

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