Thursday, October 6, 2011

Worry, worry, worry and more worry

I know I have not been keeping up with the blog thing, but hey I have been busy:

New Job
House tenting
Worrying about my kids
Worrying about my grandkids
Worrying about my husband
Worrying about my mom
Worrying about my in-laws
Worrying about money, money and yes we always come back to the money thing

I really don't get it either. God always gives me just enough...what I need, and a lot of times, a little bit more than I need. Everyday I place all my burdens at his feet (and it is a big pile), and by the time evening comes it seems I have piled it back where it was to begin with. How does this happen? I think God (everyday) is smiling down at me and shaking his head. He probably tells the angels,"That there, Dee, she just keeps complicating things, oh she listens to me and hand things over to me, but just when I start taking care of it for her, she snatches it all right back, like clock work mind you, she is a funny creation that one". Yep, I know that is what he is saying and he is still patient with me, every minute, every hour, he waits...for me. I love my God.

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