Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I was just sitting here thinking about what I would like to write about for Thanksgiving. As I was contemplating it, I realized this...even though we are separated this year and I would love nothing better than to be with each and everyone of you. I am still the luckiest person alive. Even though we are not spending Thanksgiving "all" together we are still apart of each others lives where ever we are...forever bond in love.

The funny thing as I was sitting here thinking about how alone a feel because I won't be seeing "all" the people I love. It hit me, how really blessed our family is, we are never alone, and especially this year. I mean just think about it guys. Christopher, Stephanie, Willie and James are spending it with us. Garrett is spending it with my mom. Christina and Briana will be together this year. Margaret and Bill get to spend it with Penney and Huxely, James and Theresa. How blessed we really are, so even though we won't "all" be together this year we are, because spending time together even just one of us binds us all as one, how special is that "we are never alone". I love all of you.

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