Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A New Breathing Machine

The nurse came to show me how to use my new breathing machine, which is really awesome. Do you know that it has it's own scan disk that they can take out and see how I am doing. The new tubing and masks are really getting better and better.

Now enough about that, she said apparently I got worse...really worse. She said they don't have people get that bad after such a short time. I once again am a rare oddity, I should feel bad but I don't, I am very special. So special that I have a machine that breathes in and out for me...WOW!!

Now here is the bad part, even though I have this super duper machine, IT DOES NOT WORK. I was up more than with my other machine the last two nights and last night was the worst of all. I don't know what I am going to do. She did say I might need some adjustments, but I think I will just stick with the fact that I am special and not meant to get sleep at night.

My mom doesn't, so maybe I just have her genes.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sleep Study

A couple of weeks ago, I did a sleep study...my second one. Why because lately once again, I am waking up tired, and I am falling asleep on the way home again, and the clincher is that I am dreaming right away. That usually means your sleep pattern is messed up because you are suppose to dream during your rim sleep. So what did I do I put it off for almost a year now. I did not realize that you might need more pressure or things change...until I talk to Rob's dad and he said that he had gone back for another sleep study and they found out he needed his pressure changed. Again what did I do...I procrastinated.

During a sleep study you don't sleep so I don't know why they call it "a sleep study". A nurse comes and wakes you up constantly (and I think he likes it too), they come in and adjust the pressure, adjust the mask...alot because mine falls off. Well, when I was done the guy (who had done my last one too) said well, you don't sleep alot you move around constantly. Thank you, but I knew that. Anyways he said to see my doctor after they reviewed my tape they would send it to him in about a week. What did I do...I put it off. A couple of weeks later I finally made an apt with the ENT.

While I was there, the doctor, checked the ear the bug had decided to make a home one night in, and said they was still some dried blood there but it was healing and the scratches were gone. Thank you I didn't need to be reminded about that nasty bug (I am now sleeping with ear plugs, thank you very much).

We got down to the sleep study and she said that they kept upping my pressure and that it did not help me. She said they finally added in and out air pressue to my mask and I slept much better, that she was changing my machine. Great, like always I cannot do things in the normal way. So the nurse is coming today to give my new machine and I will let you know if I sleep.