Thursday, November 24, 2011

Great Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving was great, good food, great company...and we got to talk to everyone who wasn't there, we even got to skype. I love technology getting to see all the grandkids, and even getting to skype with Margaret and Bill and Penney, Huxley and Bethany and I won't leave out Bethany's boyfriend, how great is that to get to meet someone over the cool. Heres some pictures.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I was just sitting here thinking about what I would like to write about for Thanksgiving. As I was contemplating it, I realized this...even though we are separated this year and I would love nothing better than to be with each and everyone of you. I am still the luckiest person alive. Even though we are not spending Thanksgiving "all" together we are still apart of each others lives where ever we are...forever bond in love.

The funny thing as I was sitting here thinking about how alone a feel because I won't be seeing "all" the people I love. It hit me, how really blessed our family is, we are never alone, and especially this year. I mean just think about it guys. Christopher, Stephanie, Willie and James are spending it with us. Garrett is spending it with my mom. Christina and Briana will be together this year. Margaret and Bill get to spend it with Penney and Huxely, James and Theresa. How blessed we really are, so even though we won't "all" be together this year we are, because spending time together even just one of us binds us all as one, how special is that "we are never alone". I love all of you.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

He's the Man...Superman

My son Garrett is the proud owner of a house. He done growed up and I is proud of him...yepper yea little bud is now a man. It took a while and saving and scrimping but he did it. I know that a lot of it was him not wanting to leave his grandma alone with uncle Rick too, but it was time. He needs to feel all the pressure of living on his own, and he needs to quit spending all that time on the road. He really was too far away from work and now is much closer.

He hasn't moved out just yet, he needs to fix up some things first, like his kitchen and bathroom, but soon and very soon. Congratulations Garrett I love much, you are my sunshine.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Mothers and Daughters

These days I long to go back, back to the days when the daughters were little. When Briana would follow me to my bathroom and sit there while I put on my makeup and fixed my hair and watch me intently making me laugh with her silly questions. When Christina was little and she used to dress up in my clothes and high heeled shoes, or the times during church when they would take turns to sit by me and we would snuggle doodling pictures to each other.

It just seems like yesterday I was making doing their hair, making them Easter outfits, Halloween costumes, baking desserts, making playdough and a hundred other things I loved to do with them. Time is so fleeting, and I wish I had more time with them, and I wonder if that is how my mom felt all these years with me never living close to her. My heart breaks everyday not being able to hug them, or kiss their lovely pink cheeks.

My girls...where did all the time go, and when will we meet again. All the plans I envisioned for you...some of those plans have come true and some have changed along the way, mostly because you are their own independent strong women (and I can live with that). I wonder how many plans of my mothers that I foiled along the way. I hope not too many. I do know this that my mom has always supported me in everything, even through some of my craziest times. Remember girls, you too will have plans for your daughters and some you will get to see come to light, but mostly you will see it change according to their own special uniqueness and it will all turn out okay in the end because are truly great mothers.

I she my daughters with their own daughters and I am so proud of them. They are such attentive and loving mothers, how did they turn out so great with such mess of mom like me. Well, I did have a great teacher...they call her Mary Sue, and I treasure all the moments we have been able to spend together and it is why I have made lasting memories with my daughters, and how I treasure them in my mind. Sometimes all the memories help to ground me in this crazy world we live in.

I have some advice for my girls always remember to say:

I love you
I am sorry

You can never go wrong with those two, just remember to always mean them when you say them, and say them as often as you can, it work wonders. I guess I am just sad becasue I won't be seeing the girls in my life this holiday season and my heart is yearning to touch all of them, or kiss their beautiful cheeks, but know this we will meet again and when we do we will laugh and store many more cherished memories of mothers and daughters. I love you.