Monday, January 2, 2012

I went walking yesterday, it was so wonderful, it is so beautiful in Hawaii right now I love having all the windows open and having the cool breeze blow through. I walked about three miles, then came home got a shower and got dinner ready. Since the boys are out of school right now they are here to eat dinner with...I love a good family meal...nothing better. Okay now the funny thing after I was done I sat down and kept telling myself I needed to get up and do the treadmill, then I would remember I had already walk (I cracked myself up).

Later, I got on the computer and noticed that Garrett was on, and chatted with him, I love Skpe, but not as much as I love Garrett. We had a good chat and laughed...a lot, with Garrett there is always laughter (some girl is going to be very lucky someday). Garrett sees life and knows how to laugh at it, what a wonderful gift.

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