Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to Work

Well, I went back to work today, I think if I had much more time off, I would want to turn into a happy homemakers again (okay maybe not). It was a little (okay a lot) stressful today lots of things to work on, I created a new task management system and there were things that needed ironing out. Thanks to one of my wonderful bosses (of bosses past), Col Palmieri taught me all I needed to know about SharePoint (okay not everything) but he was the one that encouraged me to get in there and create and take training and learn new things. Great bosses are....well, just great!!

I made a quick but wonderful dinner and now I am off to treadmill at least 2 miles (not fast) but it still is exercising and I have plans to really keep on going. New Year, new goals, and hey a few new dreams to try and accomplish.

Monday, January 2, 2012

I went walking yesterday, it was so wonderful, it is so beautiful in Hawaii right now I love having all the windows open and having the cool breeze blow through. I walked about three miles, then came home got a shower and got dinner ready. Since the boys are out of school right now they are here to eat dinner with...I love a good family meal...nothing better. Okay now the funny thing after I was done I sat down and kept telling myself I needed to get up and do the treadmill, then I would remember I had already walk (I cracked myself up).

Later, I got on the computer and noticed that Garrett was on, and chatted with him, I love Skpe, but not as much as I love Garrett. We had a good chat and laughed...a lot, with Garrett there is always laughter (some girl is going to be very lucky someday). Garrett sees life and knows how to laugh at it, what a wonderful gift.


I saw Briana's post and it brought back some great memories of the kids and Pizza. When you have six someone always likes something different on their pizza. Rob was always making pizza in the kitchen (what a mess). I remember cooking the dough and then putting on the stones and the chopping assorted items then letting the kids make their own concoctions. The funny thing about it was they all sampled each others and then would go on about whose was the best (sorry kids mine was). We would always make extras and store the rest in the freezer for another day (we were always on a budget). Cooking with the kids was one of favorite times, or just having them in the kitchen and talking about their day. Cherish those moments kids pretty soon they will be all growed up, and you will be thinking back to days gone by like me.

Pics continued

What a beautiful family.

Christmas Pics of the Kids

Can you tell Taylor was not happy, but he still looks handsome in his little suit.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Today was a beautiful day for worship. A beautiful day in Hawaii. My husband's sermon was a good one too. The New Year has had a great kick off. I Skped with my mom and I know she went to church today. I plan to go walking later since it is such an awesome day, will spend some time with God, my book on tape (thanks Garrett) and just taking in the beautiful sky and lush green trees all around me. I am back on track with eating good and exercising my IBS was out of this world the week of Christmas, and I have to say I am already feeling better. I don't want to spend time looking back just reaching forward. Rob and me have had a great week and a half of being off from work. Lots of relaxing, home cooked meals, and Rob worked on the patching of the roof. I have had a lot of time to clean some things that needed cleaning, but mostly I just enjoyed cooking some good meals for my family (and a few extras), with James and Willie there is always a few extras around to feed. One more day of rest then back to work again, before I left it had gotten a little stressful, with my old boss being back and him wanting me to take care of some things for him, and then him telling me he was going to try and get me back across the street with him for a while because he really needed me...here we go again. Hopefully my new boss will take care of it, besides before the end of the year I will have a whole new job, we shall see where it takes me.