Thursday, January 3, 2013

Books on Tape & Laughter

You know what I like.  I like that my son Garrett reads books on tape, you know why?  Well, because I am his mother I get to tap into those books.  It is great when I am cleaning the house, walking, working out and etc. to listen to one of those downloaded books and just zone out from the rest of the world for a while.  That makes me happy.  This past week I almost listened to a whole book while I was painting.  Of course any great thing that you like to do has its minus' and those are the men in my house.  I don't know why but they only want to talk to me or have a long discussion with me when I have my ear plugs in and I am listening to a tape.....I am not kidding.  I could be sitting on the couch and I would not get bothered for hours, but the minute I put those gosh darn ear plugs in my ears they swarm me and that makes me laugh and that brings me joy.  At least they love me enough to want to talk to me.  I guess the next time I am feeling lonely I should pop them in my ears and they will all come swarming.  By the way I really miss my girls.....a lot.

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