Thursday, January 10, 2013

I love music.  I love that you can be in a totally bad mood, hear a song and poof your happy.  I love singing too.  Although my whole family will tell you as they laugh at my expense, I have trouble getting any of the words right.  I have been known to make up my own words......but hey they are sometimes so much better when I do.  I mean I wish there was a place online you could go and tell the songwriters hey I tried it this way and it works better.  Anyways music is big and always will be in our house.  Oh wait all music except Robs, my children every single one of them will agree with me too, so don't think I am picking on him.  Some of his music well, it sucks!!!  Some of it actually makes me car sick and gives me a headache that can turn into a migraine (Briana knows what I am talking about).  My music though is great and so is my singing.  You know what is really funny too?  When we are all in the car driving somewhere if you look at all of us we all have our ipods in and headphones on, what did the world do before ipods?  Music makes me happy so all of you get off your butts and do the after-the-movie-dance. 

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