Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I have decided to write about some things that bring me joy.  Maybe it will help my mood.  So hold on this may turn out to be a bumpy ride.  What brings me joy?  Roses......roses......roses, I love roses and not just any roses.  Not the ones you get from the store you know what I am talking about the prefect ones, same sized, no smelling, quick dying roses.....I don't like those.  I like the ones that my husbands grows for me in his flowerbed.  The ones that if I tried to grow or take care of would die, but since my husband does they thrive.  We have tons of them and sometimes when we go to the garden center and I see that look in his eyes I know we are going to have more (I think they bring him joy too).  He can't help himself he loves them.  One time he even wrote a poem about them and how they were a lot like me......even the thorns, but I think he meant it was just because I smelled so good. Right now there are not a lot because it is winter but I have been watching and waiting, because I like the ones that he picks just for me (I am a very patient woman).  This week I got some and it really brought me joy and they weren't the prefect ones you get from the store they were the sweet smelling, different sized, lovely ones.  And they were my favorite peach colored really good smelling ones, and even though there wasn't a dozen (only two), in my heart it felt like a dozen.  I loved them and most of all because Rob picked them just for me and it brought me joy.  It also reminds me of my grandmother she always had roses everywhere and I used to love to look at them, pick them, and smell them.  So when Rob brought them in the house I thought about my Baboo and I thought about how special she was to me.  Roses bring me joy.

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