Monday, January 7, 2013

Went to the doctors today it has been a week of feeling like I have a log stuck in my eye, which reminds me of the bible verse don't worry about the splinter in someone Else's eye, when you have a log in yours, lol......pretty funny huh.  Now see God has a sense of humor, if he didn't then he wouldn't have made me.  Anyways I have a scratched cornea.  I thought about getting an eye patch, but did you know they don't sell parrots with them, go figure.  Although it might be fun to pillage, steal gold, and crash ships I decided to pass.  Instead I get to put some wonderful ointment in my eye.  What made me happy today?  That I am not crazy and I do have something wrong with my eye and that I am not going to go blind and mom at least I did not put ear wax medicine in my eye, that is funny.

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